While navigating my tv remote, apple tv remote, clicking and watching youtube videos on the ipad and opening news sites on the laptop one new normal Saturday morning, I realized that how and how much information I consumed had changed.  This change seemed gradual to me.  Years ago I would read the newspaper or watch tv; couldn’t even do both at the same time.  Hollywood or macro news were the only choices on screen.  It seems like in 2018 mainstream news is distrusted  and niche news is booming.  New heroes and demigods are creating wonderful advances in our lives.  We created Robot Aficionado to continue this transition away from the negative news of the old and communicate, and even celebrate, what and who are changing our lives through technology.  We want to learn from and learn to love these new personalities and celebrities.    Opinions will be created and shared.   We are not experts in technology.  And that is the point.  We are here to help you learn as we learn, from the experts.

 Alex Upchurch
Robot Aficionado

Hello.  I’m Anna Peck, Alex’s aunt. He came to me with this idea a few weeks ago after reading several articles about sex robots. He thought it would be a great idea to get in on the new technology bandwagon to keep every day people up on what is happening. I thought it was a good idea, too, and so here we are. 

I have some experience in copywriting is one reason he came to me. But I’ve always been interested in anything new to prepare us for the future, and that was another reason he talked to me about this. I’ve always been in love with the future and so am looking forward to seeing how the invention of artificial intelligence will end up. Exciting to say the least.

What's more. I write romance novels. And I am considering writing some about robots and romance. Can you imagine that? I have a link to my website on the home page here. Anna K Stein. It's the name I write under. 

But also what's more, we will have articles on how robots are being used to help bring back the health of our wonderful planet. Our home world. It's the only one we have, so I am very happy companies are being created to help with this. I am looking forward to learning about all that. We'll let you know all about it as we go along. Artificial Intelligence is an exciting thing, I can tell you.